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We value our patients' experience at Performance Chiropractic. If you are currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Readere to view.

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Dr. Eric Belusa

Patient Testimonials........

About a year ago I began experiencing chronic, severe back pain. I consulted another doctor for this problem before seeing Dr. Belusa. The doctor recommended epidural steroid injections, physical therapy and pain medications. The pain medications were no help! I experienced bad reactions to the steroid injections and felt more pain after physical therapy. I took Tramadol in hopes that it would relieve the pain. Unfortunately, the pain persisted. I also took aspirin but experienced severe bruising and bleeding. 

Since I started chiropractic treatment, I've noticed a huge decrease in pain and a significant increase in range of motion. I'm also sleeping much better. I am now able to sit for long periods at work and home without severe pain. Sadly, my pain was the focus of my life for some time. Now I finally have my normal life back thanks to Dr. Belusa! 

- Carrie B. 

I've had a condition called spondylolisthesis for 28 years. I was seeing a different chiropractor who recommended manual adjustments. I felt some relief from his recommendation but I wasn't satisfied with the ultimate results. I did some research and found Dr. Belusa through an online search. I was impressed with his website and decided to make an appointment. I enjoy the friendly staff, well maintained equipment and professionalism of the office.

Since beginning treatment at Performance Chiropractic Center with Dr. Belusa, I am finally getting the results I've been seeking from prior chiropractic care. The physical therapy aspect of the treatment that Dr. Belusa provides has given me much better results and I feel a lot healthier. One of the greatest benefits that I've received is more flexibility. I appreciate the exercises that Dr. Belusa provides.

I'm glad to say that I am back to playing golf with absolutely no pain! The added flexibility is definitely a plus in my swing!

-Ryan L.

I suffered from severe neck pain, stiffness and daily headaches. The pain was so severe that I couldn't move the right side of my head. I was taking Advil like candy! After receiving chiropractic treatment from Dr. Belusa, I no longer experience pain in my neck. No more headaches! I can finally wake up in the morning with no headache. I can also move freely without severe pain in my neck.

I no longer suffer from sinus pressure or migraines. I have my life back! I have so much energy and all around my mood is cheerful. I can actually enjoy outdoor activities again without limitations from my neck.

I love Dr. Belusa and his staff! Very professional atmosphere with kindness, understanding and sensitivity to your needs. Dr. Belusa and his team are a blessing!

-Patricia S.

I sought treatment for neck and shoulder pain. The pain began and persisted for two months prior to seeing Dr. Belusa. I used heat packs to minimize the pain but experienced little to no relief. The treatment program Dr. Belusa recommended brought relief and eventually the shoulder and neck pain was gone!

I've noticed that movement is much easier for me now. I'm pain free and a happier person! I'm able to exercise as often as I want. I used to get headaches weekly which I typically treated with Aleve but after several treatments, I was free of headaches! This was an amazing breakthrough as I had resigned myself to the idea that I would be plagued with headaches for the rest of my life.

I highly recommend seeking treatment with Dr. Belusa if you are experiencing chronic headaches. I have not had a headache in weeks! The staff is friendly and professional and the atmosphere is welcoming.

-Teresa N.

I am writing this letter to share with you how pleased I am with the treatment and results that I have received at Dr. Belusa's office. I initially came into the office because I had an ongoing stiff neck and pain between my shoulder blades. I wanted to get my problem fixed so I can enjoy my upcoming vacation. I tried aspirin and massage with no improvement until I mentioned my condition to my M.D. ,who referred me to Dr. Belusa. Almost immediately after my first few adjustments I felt much better and now that I have gone through the complete program, I can say that not only does my neck and mid back feel better, but I haven't had any reoccurrence of my neck problems. What I am excited about is that I am able to turn my head without pain, and can feel safe while driving. In addition, I wake up without any stiffness and feel energized!

I will feel strongly that I will continue to progress even further. I strongly recommend Performance Chiropractic to my friends and family for their great staff, and Dr. Belusa for being such a neat guy.


Both Sean and I came to Dr. Belusa's office with different problems. I initially came into his office because I was having severe neck and upper and lower back pain as a result of an auto accident. I went to my M.D. who prescribed pain killers and physical therapy at his office. The prescription medication and physical therapy gave me no relief. The pain was so bad, that I was unable to lay on my back without shooting pains down into my hips. I was miserable. My husband Sean, an ex-Marine, also had similar problems with sleep due to his chronic aches and pains. Since my treatments began with Dr. Belusa, I have improved in my range of motion. Although some days I feel better than others, I have no doubt that without the chiropractic treatments, I would be much worse. I am now able to sleep better and do step aerobics and weight training which I have really missed since being injured.

Dr. Belusa and staff have always been professional but personal with my husband and I. We both have enjoyed our treatments because they have improved our general health and fit our busy work schedules.


I started seeing Dr. Belusa for neck, back pain and headaches over a year ago. I subsequently developed an injury on my wrist. I went to go see my primary doctor through my employee benefits. I suffered from a tendinitis in my arm and wrist from excessive typing at work. During a regular back treatment, I decided to talk to the doctor about it seeing if he could help my wrists. I want to share with you how pleased I am with my decision to ask him the question and with the results of my treatments. My regular doctor put me on day-pro and physical therapy 3 times a week initially that didn't help much. After the first treatment with Dr. Belusa I could feel the results and knew he could help.

This problem was affecting my family life. I was extremely limited in doing my usual chores, it effected my housework, gardening, even driving. Since my treatments with Dr. Belusa, I have been able to perform my normal housework and work in the yard with no discomfort. The pain was severe enough to effect my sleep. My wrist feels so good now that I can sleep the whole night without waking up in pain.



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